Vehicle Type : Supercar
Type : Supercar
Location : BedfordshireLuton

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a car of many talents. Its 6.3-litre engine produces 730 bhp, that’s a cool 119 bhp more than that of the 599 GTB that it replaces. Its power to weight ratio is close to that of the mighty Bugatti Veyron. Despite being a standard production car with an aluminium frame and body, the F12 will lap Ferrari’s Fiorano test track almost two seconds faster than the mid-engined, limited-edition, carbon-fibre Enzo. The F12 is actually smaller in all three dimensions than the car it replaces. It’s lighter, too, to the tune of 60kg. With better tyres, extra suspension control and additional aerodynamic downforce, the car feels compact. And the amount of grip it can generate makes it seem more akin to a racing car than anything eligible for a tax disc. In all normal circumstances it doesn’t oversteer or understeer, it just steers. Its nose has a bloodhound’s ability to sniff out an apex and even if you’ve rested a little too long on the accelerator before chancing upon a tight downhill corner, you can count on its massive brakes to shrug off all excess speed in an instant.


2 Seats
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