Vehicle Type : Supercar
Type : Supercar
Location : BedfordshireLuton

Where as Ferrari abandoned the ultra-impractical, super-wide, impossible-to-see-out-of hypercar back in the last century, the Aventador is an unapologetic celebration of this traditionally Italian sub-species, a school to which it has subscribed since it first unleashed the Countach on a slack-jawed world almost 40 years ago. Looking like a refugee from a Ridley Scott movie, the Aventador’s appearance and carbon-fibre shell promise mind-altering performance. It does not disappoint. Given that it has 691 bhp from its new 6.5-litre V12 engine, a paddle-shift transmission and four-wheel drive, the only remarkable thing about its astonishing sprint from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds is that it’s not faster still. A Nissan GT-R with 150 fewer horsepower and carrying more than 150kg extra weight is quicker. While the Nissan runs out of puff at a trifling 196mph, though, the Lambo doesn’t stop hauling until it has reached 217mph. That said, if you ask the robotised manual gearbox to change ratios as fast as it can, the whole car shivers and shudders, every shift like a slap on the back from Sébastien Chabal. And while grip levels are absurdly high, this is not a well-balanced car, electing on the limit for quite pronounced understeer rather than anything more neutral and indulgent. Ride quality is best described as entirely adequate for the kind of car it is, while fuel consumption is simply appalling. Forget what the figures say: if yours does better than 15mpg, you’re not driving it properly.


2 Seats
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