Hi, pleased to ‘meat’ you!

Starting up in a town where the dynamics off society are so profound that the scales almost differ completely. Where one end of the town may have access to a specific service whilst it may not be permissible for the other side to have. February 2018, is when the idea of creating a platform representing community spirit, uniting society and helping those individuals who were restricted in doing something specific due to no fault of their own, providing them with a customer friendly service and making their everyday lives easier. The company although has been established in Luton, due to popularity and interest is already working towards franchising and expanding the business on a national and international scale. The process is simple, the customer orders their shopping, we receive the order, the customer goes about their day and then Lo! and Behold! their shopping will be delivered to their front doors.

The aim of the company is to establish an online network of Halal grocery stores who we intend to partner with, so that their customers increase but not only that the customers themselves can order their groceries from the comfort of their homes and have their groceries delivered to their doorstep, whether it is meat shopping or fruit and vegetables. The mission is to create a Halal shopping network that is easily accessible for all individuals be they single mothers who are busy on school runs and are limited with the time, or someone stuck in traffic and cannot make it to their desired grocery store before it closes.

If you’d like to increase your revenue potential and your customer quota, we can help you do so by becoming a partnering halal grocery store, where you will get your own online store where your customers can shop from, without you as a business owner losing a customer or sale.


Head Office – Luton
Just Meat International Ltd
960 Capability Green
United Kingdom
Companies House Number – 11383886